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Custom Built Computers

Fully Customized Desktop Computers

From the most powerful machines for gaming to basic everyday use, Marquee IT can build a computer that works for you. All of our custom built machines come with our protection package, a 1 year limited parts and labor warranty and 30 days of our technical support team. Our pricing, build and ship time vary greatly depending on many factors such as amount of customization, parts availability, time of year etc. Most machines can be shipped within 10 business days. Give us a call and let's get to work on your machine today.

M1 Starter Desktop*


Perfect for every day home use
Easily access you emails or other accounts 
Customized to fit your specific needs 
Includes 1 year Panda Antivirus Pro
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M2 Home Office Desktop* Most Popular


Includes all in the M1 plus... 
More storage for your pictures and files 
Better for watching videos and viewing pictures 
Includes 1 year Panda Antivirus Pro 
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M3 Premium Desktop Computer*


All the features of the M1 & M2 Plus... 
Even more storage for your pictures and files 
Premium quality video and picture viewing
Includes 1 year Panda Antivirus Pro
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*Prices do not include Monitor, Keyboard or Mouse. These items vary in price depending on what your specific needs are.